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Alejandra Tapia

Literature exists because the world is not enough.
—Fernando Pessoa

Alejandra was born in Mexico City, Mexico. She earned a Bachelor Degree of English Literature at National Autonomous University of Mexico in 2005, and a Master Degree of Japanese Studies at El Colegio de México in 2013.

In 2011 she was awarded with an honorable mention for her dissertation: Written on the Body, a Voice in the Language Continuum, within the framework of the Colin White Prize for Best Dissertation. As a copywriter she has worked for several accounts such as Distroller, Zeebo, Sigma, Coprobamex, Banamex, Volaris, Pepsico, Fedele, Grupo Posadas, OSY, among others. As a translator she has collaborated for several international agencies and has translated a couple of young adult novels to Spanish: The Portrait of Dorian Gray (Lectorum, 2013) and Don’t Look Back by Michel Gagnon (Planeta, 2014). She has also worked as a junior editor for Tusquets Editores México and as a coordinator in both public and private institutions.

She loves reading, eating, traveling around the world, and spending time along with friends and her beloved dog Nina.

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