The middle of the storm

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Social injustice, health uncertainty, financial crisis, job insecurity, and fear are just a few of the recent events that we are currently living around the globe. Today, in the middle of the storm, the graphic design industry got very exciting news. Graphis announced the winners of the coveted Graphis Design Annual 2021, an international annual publication that showcases the best design throughout the year. While scanning the work published, I recognized the self-promotional piece my team and I produced and three other very familiar names: Jeremy Honea, Cesar Rivera, and Hannah Gaskamp. Four Communication Design Alumni from Texas State University. Jeremy, Cesar, and I got our M.F.A. degree between 2012 and 2014 while Hannah just graduated from the B.F.A. program a year and a half ago. GO BOBCATS!

Instantly, the song Eye of the Storm by Ryan Stevenson came to mind. We may be going through very tough times, but history does not lie. On the contrary, it keeps reminding us that always calm waters come after the storms. Furthermore, there is always something that will lift us up and helps us keep going. For some is love, partners, or friends and for others may be hobbies, exercise, or work. Today in the eye of the storm, God reminded me He remains in control.

Kudos to all the design colleagues featured in this amazing collection of work with special joy and love for my fellow Bobcats!

Graphis 2021
Closeup shot of bottle in packaging
Closeup of coaster
graphis 2021 interior

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