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Identity Design
Our 50/50 Methodology

Our identity design methodology begins by listening and understanding the clients’ need, researching their industry and competition, then presenting a conceptually driven solution.

We strongly believe that a good mark should represent critical thinking, in other words, every graphic element used on the mark must have an intentional purpose; additionally, the aim of a logo is not to tell a story, but to identify the brand.

Finally, we strive to find the perfect balance between an image, a sign, or a symbol—known to us as the 50/50 rule.

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  • If, in the business of communication, image is king, the essence of this image, the logo, is the jewel in its crown.

    Paul Rand Famous Graphic Designer

What is a brandmark?

A brandmark is a graphic representation of an idea, entity, or object. It is also known as an identity, mark or brandmark.

Brandmark explanation

What is a logotype?

It is a word or words in a distinctive and particular typeface.

A logotype may be redrawn or modified to better express the company’s personality.

What is a logotype

What is a signature?

It is the specific designed combination of a mark and a logotype.

A company or business may have several signatures that should never be changed from the original and approved composition.

What is a signature

What should an identity communicate?

Who you are
Who You Are

company name

What you do
What You Do

candy company

How you do it
How You Do It

video and audio recording and editing

What are your goals
Where you go

connecting the link to find a better treatment for cancer

How does someone remember a logo?

Sequence of cognition

Immediately recognizable forms facilitate brand awareness and brand recognition.

Additionally, the sequence of cognition states that the human brain first identifies shape, secondly color, and finally form; thus the importance of

using simple and recognizable shapes to build an identity.

In sum, an identity should communicate one specific message, to be simple in form and to be memorable.

Sequence of Cognition

What is the difference?

Corporate Logo

It gathers visual elements to create a relevant, simple, and memorable visual representation of who you are, what you do, how you do it, or where you want to go.

Corporate Identity

It is a cohesive application of a corporate logo in combination with a controlled set of elements (typography, color, layout, etc.) across a complete range of different communications materials.


The total essence of a company’s products, services, and reputation, expressed by the look, feel, and “tone of voice” of the materials presented to the consumer.

Why identity design is important for a business?

Consumers are continuously bombarded with the “next great thing”, whether you provide a service, sell a product, or promote a special interest, you want to position yourself for success by being distinct and recognizable.

Besides distinguishing you amongst competitors, a brand identity is a strategic business asset because it builds brand awareness and recognition.

Your brand identity should be easily remembered by your customers so that they can keep in mind their experience with your brand.

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