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Michelle S. Moses

It always seems impossible until it’s done.
—Nelson Mandela

Michelle is originally from Brooklyn, New York. Living in such a culturally diverse city, she has always had the appreciation of arts, music, and learning about other cultures. During her childhood she spent many of her summers traveling abroad to sightsee as well as to visit family. She moved to Texas with her parents shortly before starting high-school.

In May 2015, she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Health, specializing in Community Health, from University of Texas at San Antonio. While at UTSA she also joined a recreational dance team and performed with them in various cities in Texas; she has been dancing ever since. Shortly after undergrad, Michelle landed a job at her internship site as an Administrative Assistant. During her time there, she developed an interest in grant writing, business management, and development. Following her new found interests, Michelle started working for a financial consulting firm as an Account Management Assistant, focusing on clients’ quickbooks and reporting.

Currently, Michelle is focusing on crafting her skills in quickbooks and business development, and works as Administrative Assistant for Genaro Design. She still finds time to travel and dance when she can.

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