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The Texas Tan (Bluzun)


Tanning • Wellness


The Texas Tan needed a new identity that could represent its growing portfolio of services. Cryotherapy in particular needed to be a part of the new identity. The new brand also could not be location-specific in order to work well across multiple markets.


Most services fell into two main categories—tanning and wellness services. Tanning covered all of their previous services while Wellness included cryotherapy, compression therapy, and other newer offerings. From these we developed the color palette around yellow for tanning and blue for wellness and cryotherapy. The name Bluzun is also a combination of these themes. For the brandmark we created an abstract sun from the forms of tanning beds and cryo chambers.

Bluzun logo reversed
Bluzun sign
Bluzun door detail
Bluzun rack cards
Bluzun window graphics

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