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The DoSeum® Innovation Station redesign needed a comprehensive visual system that could unite four distinct sections and communicate in both English and Spanish.


We began by developing a color palette that could give each space its own identity. By combining the four primary colors from these sections we could represent the complete space. Whereas we used color to distinguish each section, we used typography and a strict grid to relate the various areas and exhibits. Consistent use of type combined with a visible grid to give every element a recognizable relationship with the rest of the space. Icons and illustrations were also developed and implemented based on the grid system.

Innovation Station exhibit
Section header signs
Real Making sign

We’ve been very pleased working with Genaro Design. They understood our design style and responded with a fresh, clean, and fun look. They were easy to work with and even helped us with our Spanish translations. Everything in our museum is bilingual so it is very helpful to work with someone who can operate in both languages.

Meredith Doby

Vice President of Exhibits, The DoSeum®

Virtual Design Lab icons
Boy with VR headset
Real Making icons
Children at Real Making
Innovation Station gallery sign
Gallery title sign
Tool icons

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