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Lili Alessandra’s timeless appeal and quality required a more distinctive mark. The new monogram transcends any single pattern or product and instead communicates the brand’s name. The original mark has been reworked in a pattern that now serves as a brand element.


In 2018 Lili Alessandra, the famed producer of fine bedding and linens, launched their first-ever line of luxury artisan rugs. After designing the accompanying digital catalog, price list, and promotional piece for their collection launch, Genaro Design was given the opportunity to redesign the Lili Alessandra brand.

The new brand made its debut on the cover of the 2019 Fine Linen and Soft Furnishing 2019 Collection Catalog, also designed by Genaro Design.

Old and new brandmarks
beauty shot
Lili Alessandra signature
Lili Alessandra signature
beauty shot
Lili Alessandra catalog cover
Lili Alessandra 2019 catalog cover
Rug swatches in mosaic pattern
Photo of Lili Alessandra price lists

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