Mi McNay es su McNay

mi McNay es su McNay

The McNay’s unique honor as the first museum of modern art in Texas makes it an integral part of San Antonio’s diverse art scene. Like the city it calls home, The McNay property is a beautiful mix of Spanish, Mexican, and American cultures. Marion McNay’s vision to open her home to the San Antonio community as a portal to the visual arts is the embodiment of the classic Spanish saying “mi casa es su casa.” The concept of the campaign was to invite visitors to feel at home—their McNay.

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Moulin Rouge

The McNay’s 9th Annual Spring Party—Moulin Rouge took guests back in time to celebrate early 20th century entertainment. Genaro Design was tasked with capturing the atmosphere and festivities that were prominent in 1900s Paris nightlife. This campaign included custom hand-sketched letters, illustration, and scanning of relic parchment to obtain the feel of an old-time print.

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FAV3 is the combination of three signature fundraising events carried out by the McNay Art Museum.

Genaro Design was requested to develop a visual identity for each event. An invitation and some additional materials were also developed to promote these events among the Patrons of the museum, and to the San Antonio community. This new working partnership between the McNay Museum and Genaro Design has opened the door to new exciting projects.

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