Teaching Philosophy

I have been a Communication Design professor for two years (2018–current). I joined the Communication Design (ComDes) program at Texas State University in the Fall of 2018. In the beginning of my teaching career, the main challenge was to find an effective way to influence my students and to gain their trust rapidly. I was the new professor and the only native Spanish-speaking faculty in the program. Texas State University is a Hispanic-Serving Institution. Consequently, the majority of the student body is Hispanic. This particular situation presented a natural advantage, but also a great expectation.

My first strategy was to bring my cultural background and my strong approach to conceptual thinking into the classroom. Immediately, it was accepted among the students and fellow colleagues, beginning the journey of establishing credibility and gaining everyone’s trust.

Lastly, I make sure that my students understand that I am always available beyond the classroom and my official courses. This approach to teaching has allowed me to mentor and continue to help my students even after they graduate.

  • Genaro is a great professor who really cares about the success of his students and genuinely wants for them to become better in their design skills and succeed in the design profession. He sees great potential in all of his students, which is something that has helped me gain confidence in my design. He has helped me become the strong designer I am today. I give him +5 stars as a professor, and a +4.99 stars for his good sense of humor.

    Caro Martinez Texas State University, class of Spring 2020
  • Genaro, it has been a great pleasure having you as a professor and mentor. I have learned so much more about branding and what it means and entails than I ever expected. Thanks for always pushing us to do great work, think conceptually, and design for longevity.

    Logan Brannen Texas State University, class of Spring 2020
  • Genaro’s superpower is his passion for design and for his students. Genaro has a special gift as a professor, where he not only encourages your creativity but makes you strive for excellence that is attainable. He is always available to give constructive feedback and never lets you feel left behind. Genaro’s accolades prove that you’re learning from an excellent designer and one of the best teachers around.

    Chantal Lesley Texas State University, class of Spring 2021
  • Genaro is one of the most dedicated, helpful professors I’ve had the pleasure of having. He knows how to push his students to be successful in the design field because he believes each student has the potential. His feedback and advice are valuable and he knows what he is talking about.

    Carina Umana Texas State University, class of Spring 2020
  • Genaro is tough and extremely meticulous; he only wanted greatness out of his students. This transpired through his teaching methods and constant motivation to enter competitions. He made all of his students realize that anything can be achieved through perseverance and hard work; nothing was impossible. Because of him, I gained a love and respect for Design that I never thought I could have.

    Emily Castillo Texas State University, class of Spring 2019
  • I have known Professor Genaro Solis since the Fall of 2018. I was a student in one of his first branding classes as a new educator. Even though he was new, the outcome was surprisingly remarkable. Professor Solis kept the class engaged, providing resources and his vast knowledge in the subject of communication and design; helping students navigate through his class and the Communication Design program. Personally, his class awakened my aspiration to continue this study as a student, and as a professional.

    Daniel Piedra Texas State University, class of Fall 2019
  • Genaro unites his passion for teaching with his experience in the design industry. He not only listens to his students but knows when to challenge their ideas and when to let them grow. I have witnessed Genaro build community within the university. He established an adjudicated student work exhibition and hosted numerous workshops for students of all levels to attend. His teachings go farther than the walls of the classroom.

    Chelsea Ryan Texas State University, class of Fall 2019

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