We are Genaro Design

We are a multi-cultural boutique branding agency based in San Antonio, Texas, with more than 15 years of experience in graphic design and art direction. Our passion lies in helping businesses and individuals develop brands that stand out and communicate efficiently.

The computer is just a tool, not an idea generator; pencil to paper is where we begin. Collaboration with the client is key to develop a successful brand; therefore, we listen, listen more, and keep listening to our clients’ visual communication needs.

Our work has been recognized in international leading design competitions and publications such as the American Advertising Federation, Art Directors Club of Houston, Creative Summit, Dallas Society of Visual Communications, Good50x70, Graphis, and Logolounge.

  • Design drives innovation; innovation powers brand; brand builds loyalty; and loyalty sustains profits. If you want long-term profits, start with design.

    Marty Neumeier Author and Brand Consultant
  • Graphic Design is not good design if it does not co-operate as an instrument in the service of communication.

    Paul Rand Famous Graphic Designer
  • It's all about searching and finding. Thoughts on Design.

    Bil Meek Professor and Art Director
  • If, in the business of communication, image is king, the essence of this image, the logo, is the jewel in its crown.

    Paul Rand Famous Graphic Designer
  • Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

    Helen Keller American author, political activist

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